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Speedifying Delivery Services

Speed app is your ideal platform to provide the best buying experience to your customers, wherever they are, to achieve better sales and access in a better, more flexible and comfortable way

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Speed?

Premium Performance & Commitment

Our clients, big and small, will have all their logistics needs met and delivered as we provide customized processes for each client.


Our in-house technology ensures enhanced customer and client experience with exceptional performance.

Adapting to the Partner’s Needs

We are constantly working on ways to make our delivery services even more convenient to the needs of our customers and partners.

24/7 Technical Support

Our team works to their extent to provide live chat support to our customers round the clock and assist them in any queries that they might have.

Our Services

Instant Delivery

Speed specializes in providing instant delivery services, without requiring any additional charges from our customers or companies to register on our platform and help you get started.

Driver Management

Manage your delivery operations with your fleet of in-house drivers through the Driver App, available on Apple Store and Google Play, from which you can track their locations and assign delivery orders to them.

Solution for All

Speed is considered a solution for many companies, manufacturers of consumer goods and restaurants to deliver their products in modern, innovative and safe ways.

Dispatch Management

Dispatch Management will help you to identify quickly which orders are ongoing and which orders are waiting for a delivery man to ensure fast and accurate delivery of all orders.

Increasing Sales

Speed platform and application, through its large fleet of professional delivery representatives, will be one of the factors for increasing your sales by providing fast, efficient and reliable delivery services to your customers.

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